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So... much... furniture...

I apologize in advance to those who helped me move. This message may pain you.

I'm on the verge of a massive furniture purge. It turns out that when you move into a smaller place, what you thought wasn't very much furniture turns out to be a lot of furniture. Also, not being able to move particular possessions of mine makes me want to remove my attachment to them.

The definite purges (may already be claimed):
* twin-sized futon barcolounger (there just isn't room for two baroloungers in the living room, or two futons for that matter)
* printer stand

Possible purges:
* two black 3-shelf bookcases (Walmart particle board variety)
* two cherry five-shelf bookcases
* IKEA Poang chair (needs a new pad)
* guitar amp (need one that I can actually carry around)
* radiator-style heater (may already be claimed)
* snowboard for 6'2" sized person

We're trying to replace the bookcases with lighter ones, so a prisoner exchange would also be possible.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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