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FRICK!: Help!

My digital camera has died. Unlike my broken iPod/Apple, I can't complain about Canon as much as the Elph's been through a lot -- it was solid as a rock, and I treated it like one.

Now, the important part: I really need to get the camera fixed ASAP, or I need some good recommendations on what to replace it with. My sister's having her kid in a couple weeks, and there's no way I'm heading to West Virginia minus a camera (at the very least it will be a good hand warmer outside in the snow). I have no clue as to where one goes to get a digital camera fixed quickly, or if such an operation is even possible.


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i think we got the canon s80. welikey very much. tho it is very beeg.


Emily and Ray sent me good suggestions, which I'm posting here for my records (otherwise I have to search my blog, e-mail, and IM logs):

ray: Did you go to Canon's website yet?
ray: Most major manufacturers have a pointer to an Authorized Service place.
ray: That's your best bet for anything reliable and quick (but not necessarily cheap).
ray: They can sometimes even diagnose over the phone.
ray: But otherwise, start browsing and
ray: And BTW, Consumer Reports (library?) just had an issue on digital cameras with the all-important shutter delay column.
ray: Always check at for shutter speed (in Conclusion section every time)
ray: And power-on speed.


emily: "If it is still under warranty, you can send it to Canon for repair. I just did that recently with my which was just barely under warranty. However, this will take a couple weeks and it sounds like you need your camera soon... But if you are looking to buy, I have a Canon Powershot SD10 and it's really cool (very convenient because it's so tiny). The newer version is SD20."

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