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This is one of my favorite quotes from Travels in Hyperreality, which I am getting close to completing my notes on (also have to wait for DSL to finally turn on):

I thought then about how much, in the history of civilization, dress
as armor has influenced behavior and, in consequence, exterior
morality. The Victorian bourgeois was stiff and formal because of
stiff collars; the nineteeth-century gentleman was constrained by his
tight redingotes, boots, and top hats that didn't allow brusque
movements of the head. If Vienna had been on the equator and its
bourgeoisie had gone around in Bermuda shorts, would Freud have
described the same neurotic symptoms, the same Oedipal triangles? And
would he have described them the same way if he, the doctor, had been
a Scot, in a kilt (under which, as everyone knows, the rule is to wear

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