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Last Christmas gadget? is a dangerous season for my wallet. My birthday comes two months beforehand, so during the period I have far too many excuses that enable me to upgrade/acquire gadgets. My current tally for the October-December period is (made possible by the generosity of my family): * Digital Rebel and 70-200mm telephoto lens * eTrek GPS receiver * Canon ip4000R wireless photo printer * Replacement battery for iPod * USB 2.0 Flash card reader * Netgear 802.11g wireless hub * 802.11b wireless adapter for TiVo * extra TiVo remote (free) * digital camera for sister

So many rebate slips to fill out...

The latest, and hopefully last of the acquisitions (except perhaps for a TiVo upgrade to a DVD recording model), is the Nokia 6820 that I have been talking about constantly ever since my 6800 [went through the wash][wash]. Since the washing incident, I had managed to put a hole through the plastic cover protecting the screen, which wouldn't be so bad except for it allowed all sorts of dust, dirty, and pennies to collect inside the screen, which meant that I would have to hold my phone at odd angles in order to see what was being displayed. So at long last, I now have a 6820, though perhaps not, as Cingular's systems were down yesterday and they still have not actually activated the new service. Seni seriously tempted me with his Web browsing demo of the 6620, but they wanted an extra $100 for it, and I couldn't justify the extra money (especially as I glanced at the huge hole in the screen of my phone that prompted its replacement).

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