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Meet the Feebles

More fun with the Yahoo! Japan avatar tool as well as some previous avatars to round out the set.

me (forgot this the first time around):


d (who claims this is far too girly):

honeyfields in work mode and winter mode (she is now using the avatar tool to choose future haircuts):
honeyfields honeyfields

parakkum (with the only semi-anglo face available):

metamanda (oldie but goodie):

Kenji and Justin did their own:
kenji justin

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Wow, my hair looks so short! Also, I'm glad I finally know what all of your friends look like. It's weird, all you SF people seem to have the same eyes!


Hey! I want one too! Except I can't read Japanese, so it's a little hard for me to figure out how to make one. Doh!


hrm. i told you, it looks pretty close, except that those jeans taper. i'd never wear tapered jeans :)

the avatars of me have gotten very good responses from the people i know. :) thanks. :)


very cool! i think you captured honeyfields' look very well! and parakkum looks pretty authentic too. haven't seen the rest of y'all enough. happy new year!


Those avatars are uncannily good. Especially parakkum's.

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