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LJ and MT, long lost lovers, reunited at last?

The big rumor in blogland right now is that Six Apart (makers of MovableType, the software featured here an on movabletypo) are buying/have bought LiveJournal. This, naturally, is already starting to raise mixed opinions. I, for one, am happy for the news, for purely selfish reasons. Movabletypo is an attempt to replicate LiveJournal's strongest feature: community -- but it comes nowhere close to what LJ accomplishes, and that is why I am glad Six Apart is buying LJ.

I have no idea what Six Apart will actually do with their new addition, but I hope it will revolve around fixing the fundamental flaw with MovableType/TypeKey-based blogs, which is that it is a great tool for building pulpits, but a terrible tool for building communities.

I also hope to get rid of this nonsense that I have to create a separate LJ "syndicated feed" separate from my LJ user account in order for this blog to be displayed within LJ. I hope this acquisition means that they will erase the distinction between the two so that LJ people can add this blog as a friend, leave comments, etc... and not feel that they have left the LJ community to do so.

Perhaps this will also be the way to add community features to MovableType -- instead of trying to make MovableType a tool that you can build communities on top of, allow LiveJournal to integrate MovableType users into it's communities (i.e. making LJ the platform on which communities are built).

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Wow, this is exciting. I hope the comments become more integrated. That, more than anything, creates a separation between the two.

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