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Another wood cube puzzle: Trench's Triple Triangles


This is my favorite puzzle. It disassembles into individual planks with various triangular configurations on either end. The first time I put it together I had to laid out the pieces in order of disassembly and was able to get it back together. Putting it together without any order information was doable, but took a lot of painful backtracking. You can see the puzzle disassembled in the full entry.

I'm going to be posting several wood puzzle entries as my co-worker Susanne has been bringing them to work. It way my hope to be able to link to some of these so that people could get their own, but these all come from shops in Germany so this appears a bit difficult. Potty Puzzles has a listing of Trench Puzzles that they sell, though they don't appear to sell this one, and they don't include images of the puzzle either -- purchase at your own risk, though you may be able to find a picture of individual puzzles here.


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just I understand your post about Triple Triangle you want to start to produce these puzzles yourself and then you want to sell them;
I think that will be not correct without the license of the designer Kevin Holmes; if you want to get some of these puzzles more make a visit at Covent Garden London ( each friday) and you will meet the designer himself;
another possibility will be send a search for the puzzles you want to me


hi my name is gary, im in year 11 and iam making a toy in my resistant materials class and i wondered if the puzzle you have shown on this website is easy to use/ play with.
it is for a small child aged between 3-12 and it will be fair big, like 2inch by 2inch blocks with a design on each block so it makes a big design like a picture. it will be marked by a examiner in the summer of 2008, i would like some advice on how you think it would work for the age age range 3-12 it has to be in the law of british standards. thank you very much for reding this,
yours sencerly.

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