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Burr puzzle: TB Blues


This is a puzzle made up of several interlocking pieces that you have to slide back and forth in order to release them. It's fairly clever as much of the interlocking is hidden in the interior of the puzzle, enough brute forcing you can get the puzzle apart -- my first time around I went a bit overboard and ended up breaking it, which I guess is one possible, but less ideal, solution. It's clever enough that I haven't attempted reassembling it -- disassembling was enough for me.

You can find out more information about this puzzle online, but it's unclear whether or not you can order it online. A photo of the some of the pieces slid out is in the extended entry.


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of course you can order that puzzle TB-Blues designed by Ronald Kint-Brynseels
ask at


I have just been given a dismantled interlocking wood block, or burr, type puzzle. It has 48 pieces consisting of:

18 longer pieces all but 1 with 2 dowels (one at each end pointing out of the longer face). The other 1 has only a single dowel protruding

16 short "c" shaped pieces (squared edges)

2 short "c" shaped pices with a notch cut out of the middle

6 long "c" shaped pieces (squared edges)

6 fatter long pieces with a vaiety of notches cut into them

I have no idea what shape this thing is to take nor do I have a clue as to where to start looking for an answer. Any help??


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