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The new Battlestar Galactica is the best space sci-fi show I've seen in quite awhile. It stays away from the cantina/alien-of-the-week cheesiness that dominates the recent Star Trek franchise offerings, instead giving us a good, simple, dark Us (Human) vs. Them (Ceylon robots) that keeps the focus on the story, not the makeup. It also has IMHO the best space battles of any sci-fi TV show that I've seen. Star Trek battles tend to resemble naval ship battles or aerial dogfights -- BSG space battles feel like actual space battles. The director uses very long shots that capture the tininess of the ships against the vastness of space with quick zoom-ins to give it good action cuts, fully aware that ships in space are capable of turning, flipping, and spinning in all three dimensions.

Comcast doesn't seem fit to give us proper Sci-Fi channel reception, so I've been downloading the episodes off of BitTorrent -- a couple sites have the entire mini-series and entire season packaged together to save you time and effort.

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Ceylon robots?
I didn't know the Sri Lankans had advanced robotic technology :P


YEah, this show is cmy current religous experience.Unlike tmost of my others, however, this didn't just appear, it actually shoved my previous one namely Babylon 5, and then beat it to death fwith a nicely presented antique gun. THis is the best, most finely presented show in any genre. The space battles realistic, the dialouge fantastic, the music incredible, and the plot awe-inspiring. Watch it, or you coukld be said to have failed at life!

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