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Caltrain tags

This little lifehack has saved me a bit of time and kept me on the right Caltrain. Caltrain gives out yellow tags to put on your bike that you label with the station that you are getting on/off. An unintended use is that they are also handy for writing down the Caltrain schedule as they are small, waterproof, durable, and easy-to-read. They also attach as easily to a bag as they do a bike -- if I'm not using my bike I keep the tag on my work bag so that I always have it with me.


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bbbbbut why do you need to label your bike at all?


There's limited space to store bikes on Caltrain so you sometimes have to stack them 4-deep -- only really an issue during rush hour. The tags help you figure out how to arrange the bikes so as to not block bikes that need to get off before yours.


Where can I get one of these? I get on at San Jose Dirion.


Diridon and SF both carry them at the station, though the supply is frequently out. You can often get them from the conductor if you ask nice.


Do you put the trains on the tags so you don't accidentally get on one that doesn't stop at your stations? I'm curious because this seems like a good ideas, but I can't think of any other purpose for them -- by the time I'd look at them, I'd already be late for the train I wanted!

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