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Went to Shrunken Head Man's presentation of films from the Ottawa International Animation Festival. The first segment was best student films from 2003. The second segment was best professional films from 2004. Much fun, too tired to write much about it other than what's already here. I wish I had several of these on DVD, but for now I'll have to be satisified with the few clips I found online. I'm not going to write much about the ones I didn't like, except to mention that I think "Mr J. Russel" scarred both parakkum and honeyfields -- during another short, honeyfields muttured, "No, no more dogs," a bit louder than she intended, and a several rows laughed (probably because they shared the same fear).

Favorites that have clips online:


How to Cope with Death, Ignacio Ferreras: one of my favorites, featuring a confrontation between an old woman and Death. short excerpt is online (have to navigate to films->How to Cope with Death).


La Revolution des Crabes, Arthur de Pins: a funny film about crabs that can only move from side-to-side, unable to turn (I saw political undertones, others did not). Update: just realized clip online doesn't have subtitles. Oh well.


Ryan (Chris Landreth): not quite a favorite, but visually interesting with an good human interest story (with an animation crossover). I personally was not a fan of the aesthetic.


Proper Urinal Etiquette, Kurt Nellis: funny parody of classic education films dealing with the all important choice of urinal stall.

Favorites that don't have clips online:

  • Hotel du Phare (Lighthouse Hotel), Tugdual Birotheau: the story was charming, though the pacing was a bit off. This article has some stills, but I can't find any clips.
  • Cats, Chris Choy: this film about a cat rebellion was hilarious, with well-timed imagery (my favorite was the cat food cans spinning across the screen). Sadly, I can't even locate some good stills.
  • "The Big Cheese", Pallas Bane: The first in the series, it had everyone in the auditorium going "Cheeeeeeeeeese" whenever there was a technical difficulty or other delay. That about summarizes it (it was hilarious).
  • *Creature Comforts 'Cats or Dogs?', Richard Goleszowsk: interviews with Wallace-and-Grommit-style animals discussing the differences between cats and dogs. No clips, but other goodies and DVDs on the Creature Comforts website.

Ones you've may have already seen:

  • This Land, JibJab: Bush/Kerry campaign parody of Arlo Guthrie's "This Land." many of you have probably already seen this one as it made national news.
  • The Shining in 30 Seconds (and Re-Enacted by Bunnies), Angry Alien: one of several re-enactments that Angry Alien has done.
  • Saddam and Osama: Adventure cartoon redone with Saddam and Osama as the heroes, with an amusing commercial break (Rocks!). Saturday Night Live viewers may have seen this one.
  • Catch Me if You Can opening credits

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i want la revolution des crabes but it will cost me 37 dollars.... *sigh*

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