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Mac poll (sort of)

While I'm at it, a second semi-poll inspired by meta's post (my condolences). Below I've recorded all of the Macs that I know of that I can find out the history of. I call this one a "poll" because you're free to add your own data or correct anything I've written, and I also left a lot of unknowns (which I assume to be probably good).

Yes, this is a slightly mean-spirited post, but you could rephrase it as a show of sympathy, or you could also rephrase it that despite the poor hardware quality, the good software and aesthetics override the trips to the Genius Bar for repairs. Note that in some of these cases, just like a trip to the hospital, more serious problems resulted from attempts to fix more minor ones.

Also note that, unlike Windows-based systems, the hard drive failures below were all preceded by a period of warnings (usually little dialogs warning of imminent doom), which gave time to save all data.

Problems: * meta's Al PowerBook: dead harddrive * dm's Al PowerBook: failed harddrive * i's Al PowerBook: failed harddrive * PARC PowerMac G4 at PARC: failed videocard * a's g4 iBook: failed motherboard->battery drainage->new iBook * honeyfield's iBook: case wouldn't close properly->screen backlight->broken sound * ln m's Ti PowerBook: failed motherboard * a's Ti PowerBook: external video output problems * 3 work Al PowerBooks: failed harddrives (same batch)

Doing great: * 17 work laptops (mushy, approximate stat) * a's replacement iBook * dm's Ti PowerBook * s's Ti PowerBook * pqbon's Ti PowerBook * bp's Al PowerBook * j's Al PowerBook * d's Al PowerBook: (spots on screen) * bp's iBook * parakkum's/honeyfield's G3 iBook (replacement keyboard from aggressive space-barring :) ) * kenji's PowerBook * cyndi iBook * justin's PowerBook * davextreme's G4 iMac * katherine's PowerBook * paul's Al PowerBook

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Yeah, both my iBook and my work Powerbook are still fine. The iBook's 2 1/2 years old now, and even falls into the range of iBook models which got the extended board failure coverage stuff.

The Powerbook has been fine... well, except for the battery ( but a new battery fixed that up nicely.

My Ti is going strong.

recall also that parakkum's ibook is really my old ibook from 2001. very old g3 500mhz ibook.

and mine is doing fine after they "fixed" it (fixing meaning that they hooked the wire for my sound that they had previously unhooked to fix the backlight problem. ) :)

My 12 inch powerbook's still fine, except that I think there may be a screw loose under the keyboard. Don't know anymore since the problem seems to have fixed itself. Cyndi's iBook is in good condition, as is Justin's 15" powerbook.

My G4 iMac is 1.5 years old and has never had a problem. Katherine's PowerBook is almost two and works just fine, though the battery capacity is starting to wane.


My 12" G4 is mostly in good shape, though the lid is emitting very loud creaking noises when I open it...

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