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Comcast and TiVo seal the deal | PVRblog

Not sure how this one affects my life -- I do use Comcast and TiVo, but I'm not a fan of digital cable, so my current analog cable + TiVo works fine for me. Perhaps this will mean better HDTV options than the ghastly expensive DirectTV HDTiVo. I'm still wondering where that whole NetFlix + TiVo thing is.

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I'm happy about it, because, having used Comcast's DVR at Katherine's old place, I can say what it's a terrible implementation. Having a TiVo interface in that many homes will go a long way toward changing the TV experience. This may be a little bit too wishful for me to say, but I would very much like to see all broadcast media move away from schedules. Radio has podcasting, and hopefully that'll catch on. Comcast's DVR just isn't set up to change the way you watch TV like TiVo does. The interface isn't easy nor convenient enough to make you stop tuning in a certain times, but TiVo's is. Once you get millions of people doing that, maybe networks will realize a few things about their business plans, and maybe even look at internet distribution.


What cable companies are in Northern Virginia? Maybe this means that in the future my parents will finally have a TiVo when I visit.

As for podcasting, I'm really hoping NPR will start leading the charge (still crossing my fingers, but perhaps they make too much money from Audible).

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