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It turns out that going through your referrer links is a good way of turning up photo captions for your own photos. For each of the photos below (all photos of mine that I have posted to this blog previously), I have found pages on the Web that are using them and have pasted in the text used to caption the image on those pages. It's like those contests in magazines, but the photos aren't as good and the captions only find humor unintentionally.

The Kill AOL License Plate

Friends don't let friends use AOL

surely someone can do better, let's move on

The Broken CD

user posted image


Hmmm, don't know what that means but it sounds like he's insulting Microsoft. The next one sounds more like it's straight out of the user's manual

if you drop it on a hard surface your "higher capacity medium" will turn into a "zero capacity medium"!

and finally, a haiku


i saw your parked car
looked in and saw my CD
lying on the floor

-The Mermaid

DC Car Show (speaking of parked cars)

Een auto voor meneer .. nu een koe.

according to Babelfish: "A car for Mr.. now a cow." (I just liked this translation)

Sunset in Maui

All The Drugs In The World Won't Save Her From Herself

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