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From my photo captioning entry, you might have inferred (correctly) that my metamanda/sunset/beach/maui photo is one of the more popular photos on this site. I decided to experiment more with the technique (i.e. overexposure) that I used in that photo while I was at the beach in Santa Monica. On a beach, at least, the end result is rather fun as it subtracts out most of the background (water and sand) and leaves just the people and more colorful items to be found on a beach. I also enjoy the technique because it anonymizes your photo subjects, which removes some of the voyeurism when shooting on a public beach -- or at least the feeling of voyeurism, which I find to be an impediment to taking photos.


If you like this photo there's more to be found in my People on the Beach Photoset.

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That's a really cool technique! May it draw you many entertaining and abstract pseudo-captions. Although, this is a failing of flickr - people can comment directly on your photo, but you have no way of capturing referrers in to your photo sets from the web at large.


I agree with your comment about Flickr. It does bother me that I can't figure out where my photos are appearing other than Flickr and my blog. I was actually debating last night whether to post my SoCal photos to Flickr or my blog because I do enjoy seeing how my photos are being used, though in the end I decided that people can more quickly and reliably browse my photos on Flickr, and I can also post more efficiently.

There is a bit of a positive feedback effect in posting to Flickr -- with my most recent two photosets I've already had two people add me as contacts (one within an hour of my posting, the other in a matter of hours), and the # of views data is easy enough to scan that I can tell quickly which photos people think are the best of the set.

Matt Wates:

I love your photo metamanda/sunset/beach. I am a musician and am about to release a CD entitled A Picture of You. Your photo would be perfect on the cover. Is there any chance I could use it? Please let me know at the above e-mail.

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