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GarageBand-ready popular music

It's not quite my feature request, but it's pretty close and cool nevertheless. To recap, being a guitar player, I thought it would be really cool that instead of just selling songs on iTunesMS, it would be really cool if Apple also started offering GarageBand-ready mixes, or at the very least, remixes of songs with the guitar/vocals/(your musical talent here) knocked out so that you could play along.

Trent Reznor of NIN has done just this -- you can download a 70MB GarageBand-formatted version of "The Hand That Feeds."

Yes, this is pretty much what I asked for with one minor caveat -- from what I've heard from the most recent album, there's very little chance that there's a guitar track that I can knock out and play. Oh well, minus my own lack of versatile musical talent, that's pretty cool.

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