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Pinnacles photos

My Pinnacles photo album is up, as is horizonline's (we have very different photography styles).

Highlights: * The moon was showing its face during the afternoon, and I managed to capture a nice image of a plane contrail crossing the moon. The moon also makes appearance in several other photos (good size reference for how big the rocks are). * We also ran across a bunch of different lizards. You can decide whether you like vertical lizard or horizontal lizard better. * The small-but-adventuresome Balconies Cave makes a brief appearance in some of the photos * Things shaped like things: Bird-shaped rock 1, Bird-shaped rock 2, Wizard-shaped tree

Pinnacles-21 Pinnacles-25 Pinnacles-04 Pinnacles-22 Pinnacles-13 Pinnacles-44 Pinnacles-41 Pinnacles-40

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