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Blasted midnight

I was shopping for Episode III tickets online and came across this difficult-to-interpret listing:


12:30am is listed last, which would seem to indicate that it means the morning of the 20th, but if I click on 12:30am it tells me that I would be purchasing tickets for "12:30am the evening of Thu, May 19."

parakkum has clarified that they actually mean "12:30am the morning of the Fri, May 20," as it appears that the real midnight showing tickets are listed when you choose Wed, May 18.

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Sounds like the fun I had checking flight status recently. Many airline websites make you enter a lot of information, and exactly, to get flight status these days... I suspect to avoid "terrorists" knowing where the planes are.

Anyway, try entering the information for a flight that leaves late at night, say, 11:30pm PST. Some airlines will require you to choose "tomorrow" as the time for it, even though it's still "today" when it happens. Their computer system knowns what day it is, and can't seem to handle overlaps, even though, seemingly, this should come up a lot more than midnight movie showings do...

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