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Technorati Spam

E-mail spam. Comment spam. I've even received spam in my Web server referrer logs -- i.e. spammers will visit your Web site and claim to have been referred to you by a spam site; if you happen to publish a list of sites that are linking to you, the spammer's site gets on the list.

The newest, strangest type of spam I'm now getting is Technorati spam. Technorati is a site that gives you a list blogs linking to your blog -- they call this your "cosmos." This can be a useful feature, because you can find out when some random stranger writes something about an entry of yours. The last thing I expected, though I should have, was that spammers would subvert this for their purposes.

Well, they have -- there are now spam blogs out there that will link to your blog, I presume for the purpose of getting noticed by Technorati. If I now search for a cosmos of my site, I have to wade through dozens of spam sites among the results. I presume that the hope of these sites is that I will embed a technorati widget on my blog that lists my cosmos, generating Google juice for their sites.

This seems like such a low yield spamming attack -- they have to link to thousands and thousands of blogs, polluting the cosmos of all of these sites, all in the hopes that some of those blogs happen to use Technorati cosmos (and won't take it down once they notice the spam results). Only in the short term does this seem to have any viability, with the long term result being that Technorati either counteracts it, or becomes more and more irrelevant. Mostly, I find this a depressing statement on the economics of spamming that spammers find this a profitable form of attack.

disclaimer: I could be wrong in my interpretation of this spam -- there may be some purpose other than gaming Technorati, but I'm finding it difficult to come up with other reasons as to why a spammer would link to my blog, unless they somehow expected to trick my site into linking back to them.

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