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Got my backpack

update 2 (5/3/05): I (still) like Backpack -- it's a well designed technology, with a diverse set of potential applications. However, I think their page limit is whack (i.e. it eliminates many of those potential uses by making them unaffordable). My extended gripe is here.

I got my Backpack account today and I'm pretty excited. I've been bastardizing 37signal's project management software, but Backpack should do away with that as it makes it easy to build pages with lists, links, notes, images, files, etc... that you can share with friends. All of it can be edited quickly and directly in the browser.

While I was at PARC I worked on Sparrow Web, which was a technology for making easily-writable Web pages, and I've been missing that technology ever since I left, so it's nice to have what appears to be a good, fast, free, easy-to-use writable Web page system.

I'll write more once I have a chance to really test drive it.

Update: here's our Fred Steak Planning Page that honeyfields and I put together. They're not opening Backpack up to the public until Tuesday, so until then I won't be able to give anyone the ability to edit the page, which makes the Fred Steak page rather pointless right now.

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I've been really curious about Backpack since they announced it. What's funny is that I really like 37 Signals' product, but from reading their Signal vs. Noise blog I'm pretty much sure I don't like the people behind it. Not quite sure why, there's just an attitude there I don't like. But hey, I love, and I know I don't like Scott Kurz.


David, funny you say that.

My experience with 37signals would bear out your impression. Price hikes with no notification, bastardisation of the terms "grandfathering", missing in action referral programs, one money grab after another.

Makes one very skeptical about hosted software. On the other hand, after one big gaffe the people over at Typepad/MT have been very good and very reliable and very nice.

When he's not blowing off customers, Jason Fried fantasizes about becoming a politician - so it's not surprising he rubs you the wrong way.


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