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Portola Redwoods and Russian Ridge

Portola Redwoods-02

I kept driving up Page Mill Road yesterday. I was intending to go to Russian Ridge, but the road was so much fun that I kept on driving and driving until we came across Portola Redwoods Forest. The park is only 15-20 minutes outside of Palo Alto and costs $6 to get in. We were extremely slow due to our picture-taking addiction and inability to find the trailhead, but there are some good 7 mile and 11 mile loops you can do there. It was also eery to listen to how much the super-tall redwood trees creak in the wind -- it's like hearing a door open.

Portola Redwoods-07 Portola Redwoods-05 Portola Redwoods-06 Portola Redwoods-01

On the way back we quickly stopped at Russian Ridge so I could get some shots of the foothills before they turn brown -- Palo Alto Foothills Park is already fully brown. The wildflowers were also in full force.

Russian Ridge-1 Russian Ridge-2 Russian Ridge-11 Portola Redwoods-03

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