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I finally started having fun with Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a tool for Firefox that lets people write their own little programs on top of any Web site. There are various scripts to clean up site annoyances, such as scripts to remove CNN's ad columns or scripts to remove posts by Xeni on BoingBoing, but the type of scripts that have tipped me into using Greasemonkey are the time savers: autocomplete for and a hack for This American Life that switches links to the downloadable (instead of streaming) audio.

I never looked at an actual Greasemonkey script until today when mfkenney posted a script to the Flickr Hacks group. His script modifies Flickr photo pages so that clicking on the photo title pulls up a menu that lets you click to the thumbnail/small/medium/large/original photo .jpg versions -- without this script you have to click through two or three pages to get the same result (link to script). mfkenney released it under GPL so I made a quick (1 minute) modification to the script that links to the "photo zoom" page instead (the photo zoom page provides HTML for posting the photo into a blog entry): Modified FlickrAllSizes script.

NOTE: To use either of these scripts you'll need Firefox, and you'll have to install Greasemonkey. You can then come back to this page, right click on the link, and select "Install User Script."

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