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Comic-Con recommendations

E-mails in my inbox remind me that Comic-Con approaches. Flights must be booked, fat reserves must be built up, plans of attack must be formulated. To help my fellow attendees, I have put together another list of Comic-Con suggestions that incorporate my two years of experience:

  • Waking up: use Caffeinated soap to get that extra necessary hit of caffeine
  • Breakfast: coffee for clarity, Guinness for strength, and an Irish Breakfast for a whole heaping of calories to let you skip lunch in favor of an extra session or two.
  • Dress (for the ladies): last year the women of our group had problems with otaku stranger men invading the circle of privacy and conflating their Asian heritage with anime characters. This protective garb should allow you to stay Asian and/or dress as you please, but keep your protective circle. If you don't mind the proximity but want to warn off touching, there's this shocking alternative.
  • Getting that sketch: if you try to catch someone popular like Jeff Smith or Jim Lee at an official signing, chances are you'll have to wait several hours in line. Some well-deployed animal ID transponders should allow you to catch your favorite artist/author in the hallway or bathroom (WARNING: always approach a cornered artist/author with care).
  • Getting that sketch (2): a good sketchbook is important. Hardcover sketchbooks will resist 4 days of handsweat, but a sketchbook that allows you to tear out the pages is also nice because it makes it easier to frame the exceptionally good sketch.
  • Getting the schwag: if you're in one of the big movie-related panels and they hand you a ticket, try to leave the talk early and locate the room with the schwag. If you're trying to get schwag on the Comic-Con floor, look for the discreet employee carrying the bag o' goodies or figure out under which table/in which box the goodies are being kept. Then get your accomplice to scream, "Oh My God It's Sarah Michelle Gellar!" In the ensuing pandemonium, Dodge Dip Duck Dive and Dodge your way to victory.
  • The Creator: In case you run into Stan Lee, familiarizing yourself with Spiderman's greatest bible stories should allow you to converse with the Creator (while he gives you that "where did my security guard go?" look)
  • Communication: SMS works really well. If all else fails, animal ID transponders should also work on your friends.

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