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There's something about a mystery, or any type of story perhaps, that I find gets heightened the more that you can become familiar with its elements. Recognizing the buildings and institutions; knowing the characters involved. New Zealand is experiencing this in the form of Lord of the Rings pilgrammages.

The 'Deep Throat'/Watergate mystery always had this extra bit of familiar cool. We studied it in high school in Northern Virginia, so the Washington Post was my 'local' newspaper, the buildings involved were ones I often saw or visited on my own or on field trips, and Nixon was certainly no stranger even if he was never my president.

The mystery nearly had another twist today, with Bernstein, Woodward, and Bradlee refusing to confirm or deny -- would we have to wait several more years to officially know? -- but by the end of today confirmation from all sides came. I'm sure Bernstein and Woodward are dusting off their revelation article that's been sitting under lock and key and adding an intro paragraph or two; I for one have a hankering for watching All the President's Men one more time.

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