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A friend of mine ran into these two Java code samples in code she has to work with. The first example is one I've encountered before in intern code. The second example is so bad that it's nearly optimally bad -- it's hard to make any line worse than it already is.

Example 1:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java Foo");

Example 2:

while (true) {
  int i = 50;
  if (i == 0) {

Comments (2)

I was wondering why my comments never appeared! I had simply noted, a few weeks ago, that I have been watching a lot of Tivoed Mythbusters for when you're on the east coast this October. Also, what was the solution to the 0,1,2,270 ... puzzle?


I had been thinking, "Man, I must be writing a bunch o' crap because this is the longest period I've gone with no comments" :).

Also, it's a good thing I have a TiVo myself, because if there was a new episode of MythBusters that week in October, I might not have been able to make the trip.

Solution to the number puzzle:

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