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13 days

I've been a bit busy the past two weeks. It would be nice to write about all of it, but then I wouldn't get the rest I very much need right now. There's a lot of photos I've got to go through and ship out to people, so that will probably be one of my main tasks this week.

Here's most of what happened the last 13 days (in approximate order of occurrence):

  • Went to a wedding in Asilomar/Monterey
  • Spent a weekend backpacking in Big Sur
  • Entertained my parents in NoCal for three days (mom's first visit to Peninsula)
  • Spent the night in Monterey
  • Went hiking in Pinnacles National Monument
  • Drove the Route 1/Big Sur-Carmel Highlands coastland (twice)
  • Introduced my parents to In-n-Out burgers
  • Went wine tasting in Sonoma
  • Ate at the Girl and the Fig (thanks paul)
  • Met my friend's baby daughter
  • Went to a wedding in NJ
  • Ate at Popeye's in NJ, but failed in my attempt to eat at Popeye's in Texas
  • Read half of Baudolino. It's more focused and coherent than Foucault's Pendulum, but it lacks some of the brilliant dialogue.
  • Took over 1,000 photos

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