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Blue laws

I was in Bergen County, NJ, for a wedding and learned this fun fact:

On Sundays, you can buy alcohol, but you cannot buy books*

* To be fair, you cannot buy anything 'retail' (books, clothes, music), only 'essentials.'

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Growing up in bergen county it was weird when we moved to California and you COULD shop on a Sunday. In NJ sunday was a weird day even if you weren't a church goer because there wasn't much comercially open.

I don't think I could survive like that anymore. Its one thing when on vacation, but when you live there are work 5 days a week to only have 1 day where you can shop is a pain in the ass.


So alcohol is essential? (I mean, you'll get no arguments from *me*, but I'd think that you'd get arguments from whoever put that law on the books.)


Hey, if you can't go to the mall on Sunday in NJ you probably need a lot of alcohol instead.

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