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(yet another Pinnacles photo set)

Pinnacles II-13

Pinnacles II-30 Pinnacles II-10

I'm not sure how exciting you'll find my second Pinnacles set, but if you looked at the first one, you can see that the sky was a bit more ominous this time about (it ended up being a perfect Cali blue by the end).

More about these photos in the extended entry, as well as comparisons between my hay photos and horizon line's hay photos (to demonstrate that we are in fact different people, despite posting photos of the same places).

There were actually a lot of differences in this trip to Pinnacles: there were almost no people, there were a lot more animals/bugs (butterflies, squirrels, lizards, flies, snakes), and the flowers were almost completely different -- like these pink-red flower stalks that are fun to photoshop:

Pinnacles II-08 Pinnacles II-37

photoshopped versions:

Pinnacles-II-38 Pinnacles II-36

Here's some of the other plant life I don't remember from several months ago:

Pinnacles II-33 Pinnacles II-25 Pinnacles II-42

The Hay Photo Comparison

horizon line likes taking photos of hay. In fact, she took this nice photo of hay last time I was in Pinnacles:

horizon line photo

and this one from a trip up to the foothills:

horizon line photo

horizon line wasn't on this Pinnacles trip, so I had to opportunity to take my own hay photos, to try and break some new ground in the hay photo genre. So here, you can see, are my own hay photos:

Pinnacles II-26 Pinnacles II-31 Pinnacles II-32

and to allow myself one cheat, here's one of my photoshopped hay photos:

Pinnacles II-44

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