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I took a lot of photos in Big Sur, but it was in a documentary, not artistic, mode that I took most of these photos. I carried along a GPS unit to mark where each photo was taken, and my hope is to combine these two sets of data together to make a nice map. So, my main focus was taking photos of the exact same landmarks, but from different angles, over the course of our ten mile hike.

It's going to take quite awhile to put together to grand map, but in the meantime I've thrown together a photoset. I didn't do a great job on processing/filtering this photoset -- I've noticed that some of my selections are blurry or could use some color-correction -- but I am currently overwhelmed by my photo backlog (two sets of wedding photos still to process).

On a photography note, I almost exclusively used my 70-200 f/4 lens for these, which was both good and bad -- it was easy to take the documentary photos of the Big Sur landscape, but along the trail it was pretty difficult to get non-blurry handheld shots because of the copious shade. It's too tough to switch lenses while you're trailing behind the hiking group, so I'm curious to play with a monopod to see if it is hike-friendly, quickly-deployable gear, or possibly I just need two camera bodies :).

Some sample photos:

Big Sur-49 Big Sur-50 Big Sur-54

Big Sur-15 Big Sur-01 Big Sur-45 Big Sur-53 Big Sur-07

And the rest: Big Sur Hike Photoset

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