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India-mex wedding

I attended my first Indian wedding in New Jersey last week, though it was more of an Indian wedding with Mexican influences. I missed the mariachi band playing during the reception as I had to head back west, but I did get to see my friend enter in on horseback while a van blasted dance music (this should be part of every wedding).

I'm planning on submitting one (and only one) of the photos I took at the wedding to the C.A.F.E. group on Flickr for constructive criticism. If you could help out by indicating which one of the photos below you think is best, I would appreciate it. There were various alterations I was experimenting with, including B&W conversion, dodge/burning, lomo-izing, etc...

Wedding-1-4 Wedding-1-3 Wedding-2-1 Wedding-1-2 Wedding-1-1 Wedding-4 Wedding-1-5

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These are all great. If I had to choose one, it'd probably be Jesse's dad - it's just a great shot. Other favorites are Retro leading the horse and Jesse bowing (the last one)...

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