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My computer, the one that runs, died earlier today in a fit of hard drive badness. Initially I was going to go my traditional incremental route, but when I weighed the amount of time it would take to get everything reinstalled versus future, planned upgrades, I decided to turn this unplanned event into an opportunity to do a major rebuild.

Starting in 1998 or so, I built Version 1.0. I budgeted about $500/year for computer parts in order to keep my computer perpetually almost-top-of-the-line, but never cream of the crop. Some years I would replace the motherboard, other years brought accessories like external hard drives and LCD monitors. The only original parts after seven years of rebuilding are the computer case and the CD drive. I called this computer Karma, because I somehow figured that it was a fitting name for the incremental approach.

I'm now saying goodbye to that lineage. Much like the Windows software that runs on it, it simply acquired too much cruft to continue onward. The original case is a sentimental possession, covered with stickers, glow-in-the-dark paint, and other detritus from years past, but it lacked proper cooling, ease-of-access, and front panel inputs. The original CD drive required that I manually extend the drive tray.

There has to be some inheritance to carry on the proud tradition; in this case it is the memory sticks, video card, and wireless card -- all late additions -- that survived into the new case.

Karma now sits partially gutted, travelling on its way to the River Styx. If I find a couple of coins to stick on its eyes maybe it will be able to buy some memory from the ferryman and journey back to the world of the living, but for now I'm busy trying to get this puppy into Web-serving, photo-editing condition.

There also has to be a name for the new machine. I chose the name Fenix, because he just looks so happy dancing among the blue flames:


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