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A prison of their own

m62I'm not a big fan of Alsop. As cool as a Space Invader-shaped museum might be, the overwhelming ode to consumerism in the form of Prada-inspired-skirt buildings, champagne bottles, teddy bears and Rubik's cubes, make it seem like Alsop designs his plans by surveying his hotel room after a post-FAO-Schwarz drinking binge.

Whatever his design process might have been in the past, I tip my hat to him for his latest boldness: prisoners at HMP Gartee, Leicestershire will get to participate in the design of their new prison. This sort of approach has helped with productivity in office buildings, so who knows what sort of effect it would have on a population that's incarcerated behind bars instead of cubicle walls. If they make it too nice, perhaps they won't want to leave, but I'd rather be part of the workshop designing the secret underground tunnels.

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