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An opening for those Palo Alto anarchists

A couple of thoughts on the Sandra Day O'Connor retirement:

  • Given that our government is likely to implode upon itself in the ensuing confirmation hearings, the Palo Alto Anarchists may wish to seize the opportunity. They may not be the best anarchists for the job, though: the 'anarchist spokesman' featured on the front page of the Palo Alto Daily News was pictured in North Face apparel.
  • Tangent: The Wikipedia entry for 'Anarchism' notes that the disputed.gif neutrality of this article is disputed
  • I don't think my concrete bunker will have enough room for all of you.
  • O'Connor: "Open to persuasion." Bush: "Stay the course."
  • One final thought: Sandra Day O'Connor, first female Supreme Court justice, who served nearly a quarter of a century, retires from the bench and the Washington Post can't seem to come up with a single female as a possible successor.

Update: to go with my final thought, a quote from a CNN article:

"Now, the White House has to reexamine its thinking because it faces a vacancy caused by the resignation of a moderate woman instead of a conservative man.

A short list of candidates distributed in the White House within the last week had not included the name of any women or minorities, the official said."

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