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Tour de Comic-Con: Saturday

Every year Saturday's stage has a special classification: the Quick Draw competition (2004 Quick Draw). Although jamesq has entered this classification before in Pittsburgh, Team Uni decided to sit this one out and watch Sergio Aragones, Kyle Baker, Jeff Smith, and Scott Shaw duke it out. Like Armstrong, everyone knows that Sergio is The Boss, but all are there to compete and put up a good show.

kwc's points in the schwag competition from Friday's stage were recalculated after he successfully sold his V for Vendetta mask for $5. The judges put kwc back into the green t-shirt, and Team Uni solidified that position by picking up Bone toys, a Bone t-shirt, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! t-shirts, Avatar posters/t-shirt, and plenty of other goodies.

Team Uni cleaned house in the sketches classification, capitalizing on great sketches from the anthology booths, Flight and Sketchbook Sessions/Zowie, which both have many talented artists present. honeyfields was able to show off her own sketchbook, using her own sketches to keep her hold on the lead.

Another Saturday-only competition took place at the end of the stage: The Masquerade Ball. The long line of riders working their way towards this event stretched five riders wide and well over half the length of the convention center. Team Uni secured a good position in the climb to the Sails Pavilion and was rewarded with a good table near the projection screen. Sixty riders, none of them from Team Uni, competed in the actual classification. The notables were an amazing General Grevious costume, a fight/love scene between Nightcrawler and Lara Croft, and a Disney dance number It's a Disney World (to the tune of Aqua's Barbie Girl) with an Aladdin/MC Hammer interlude.

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