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Best Comic-Con Comic

Enrico CasarosaOkay, that's a bit too hyperbolic, but I couldn't help but enjoy the latest issue Martin's Misdirection, and it's small press nature makes it difficult to obtain anywhere other than Comic-Con. h.o.b. and jay2 bought up a bunch of issues after reading my copy and read as their drive-home entertainment, which I will interpret as another vote of approval.

The most recently completed story arc has TiVo, dentistry, and Star Wars -- what isn't there for me to laugh at? 1 You can judge for yourself as the strips are online. The story arc starts with the bottom panel of page 45, continues on page 46, and finishes with the top panel of page 47. I don't think some of the visual gags reproduce as well in the smaller, Web-based version, but oh well.

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1 background: I come from a family of dentists. And I'm also a big dork.

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