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Comic-Con Sketches: Oni

The Oni Booth is an annual stopping point for me at Comic-Con. Reading Queen and Country means that I'll know quite a few of the artists there, and this year I got to talk with Greg Rucka about how I read his novel about London Tube bombings the night before the real thing happened. While I was there I picked up Three Strikes, which has Hurtt's art in it, and The Tomb, which has Mitten's art in it. I look forward to reading them both when I finally catch up on my media frenzy.

Sketches: Christopher Mitten, Mike Norton, Brian Hurtt.

Christopher Mitten Mike Norton Brian Hurtt

I'm especially pleased with Hurtt's sketch as it completes my Queen and Country Tara Chace sketch collection that I started last year. He was very nice about it and took a lot of time to give me a great sketch. Last year he had been the first artist to draw a sketch on a large QnC roster that each artist drew on and perhaps he was happy to go last in my sketchbook and have the opportunity to one-up everyone else instead ;) . Mitten's sketch technically goes with my Queen and Country collection, but his run doesn't include Tara Chace, so he drew Nick Poole instead.

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