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Tour de Peninsula

On Sunday, d, offtopicartisan, and I rode in the 2005 Tour de Peninsula along with hundreds, if not thousands of other riders. It was a 33 mile ride from Redwood City all the over to the Sawyer Camp Trail, up to Millbrae, and then back down along Skyline and Canada. There was a steep climb or two, but for the most part it was a nice easy pace, all under the official slogan of no pain, no pain. The only person on our team intent on breaking this slogan was o.t.a, aka "Ullrich," who managed to chug my old 30+ pound mountain bike uphill in the biggest monster gear as I ticked along in my granny gear. I believe I even heard him complain about wanting an even bigger gear.

There were five rest stops with food and water to keep you nourished and there were plenty of police and race volunteers to keep you safe. Our blistering pace of 11mph brought us in at just under three hours.

The Sawyer Camp leg was one of the best parts: the winding, shaded trail takes you past one of the reservoirs along 280. The Canada leg was also fun as they put a rest stop at the Pulgas Water Temple, which is just a strange, wacky site. d noted that it would fit well in a Wes Anderson movie.

One fun fact I learned during the ride is that Canada Road is closed to car traffic every Sunday, except in the winter for "Bike Sundays." It's a great road to spin around on and it takes you past the wacky Pulgas Water Temple as well as Filoli.

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