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A kinda sorta, but not really, broke my Sony boycott by getting a Sony PSP. But I don't think I actually technically broke the boycott as I got it at a charity auction, which means none of my dollars ended up in Sony's pocket. However, as I am now obligated to buy things for the PSP, like more memory with which to store episodes of the Daily Show and Battlestar Galactica, it all goes to show that I really have no backbone when it comes to gadget issues.

Steve Jobs can diss handheld video all he wants -- I watched Spiderman 2 on Sunday and I found it liberating to be able to walk around the house and do my chores (cooking, typing, photo retouching) while being entertained by a movie I love. The video quality is as good as a TV and is beautiful any which way you look at it. The true test, though, will be how easy I find it to load new videos onto it, which I will test out as soon as my larger memory card arrives.

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I'm sure I could find lots of uses for handheld video. What I don't like is the idea that people will actually buy seperate copies of movies just to watch on their PSP. Copying video to it sounds cool, but I can't see myself buying a movie twice until DVD gets replaced by something else, and even with HD-DVD I don't think I'll re-buy many movies.


I agree 100% UMD-as-movie-format seems dead to me and my DVDs will stay in my collection until the foil starts peeling from the plastic. Given that the PSP plays movies off the memorysticks even recordable UMD seems rather dead.

I'm much more interested in how easy it will be on a frequent basis to load video from the Internet and my TiVo onto it, especially now that Google Video, youtube, Netflix, and other companies are taking to online video. As the PSP is larger than an iPod and smaller than a laptop, the ideal use case for me is the train, and if I can't easily and quickly load video onto it then may have *gasp* read books or something.

Can you actually transcode any media to the PSP format?


PSP Video 9 claims to convert avi and mpeg. The forum threads indicate that people have successfully converted .tivo files, though just as many haven't been successful. I'll know better once I get a new memorystick with more memory to start experimenting with.

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