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Anybody out there following Canon?

Update: From susanne I found out that IXUS is the product name for ELPH in Europe. The product shots from the press release use the European models, but it appears ELPH as a digital brand is still around in the US. What confused me is that if you go to the Canon camera listing page and click on the big 'ELPH' logo, you only get their non-digital ELPHs.

I noticed all the hot new cameras that Canon released today from the low to high end. There are a ton of new PowerShot cameras and there is this hot, full-frame 12.8 megapixel SLR.

One thing I noticed about the new offerings is that I no longer understand the low end of Canon's offerings. I used to have a Canon Digital ELPH (before I broke it under constant use) and the ELPH brand used to be a good, understandable way of saying "rugged but portable." Now as I look through the new Canon offerings, what I knew as an ELPH appears to be called an "IXUS 55" and the only cameras on Canon's Web site called 'ELPH' are these ugly film-only beasts.

I will be in the market soon for a successor to my old ELPH (S400): anybody out there savvy enough to which 'IXUS' camera might be a good replacement? I care more about "rugged but portable" than photo quality.

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I haven't looked at the new P&S canons but the 5D is making me moist! If it weren't ~2x the cost of the 20D I would be on the wait list right now. It is exactly the dSLR I've been waiting for.

I was going to get Tonya the: S60... The problem with P&S right now, is that they are all moving to xSD media. I really want a P&S that uses the same CF media as my XT.

The SD450 is the latest camera I know of that is comparable to the S400... The only drawback is the xSD media.

It seems as though Canon has droped ELPH from anything that doesn't take film.


The 5D is definitely making me shy away from getting any expensive EFS lenses. A couple of those and you might as well just get the 5D.

The memory format wars are really driving me crazy. The $60 Olympus I picked up takes Smartmedia, my PSP takes MemoryStick Duo, my Rebel takes CompactFlash, and my older Sony MP3 player takes the larger MemoryStick. The move to xSD really is a bummer as it will add another $100 to the cost.

Perhaps instead I should be asking if anyone knows of a "rugged portable CompactFlash" camera.

Let me know if you find one that isn't the Canon SXX line. They are the higherend Canon portable P&S cameras. They sit just below the G line.

I think I might sell a kidney to get a 5D. It seems like the perfect digital camera. More or less it is the 20D with a full frame sensor. That is exactly the dSLR I've wanted. I just with it had come out a few months earlier!


only bit of oddness with the 5D is that it has no builtin flash. Of course, you have your own flash so this probably isn't an issue. I try not to shoot w/ flash so it may not be a problem either, though I probably would need to pick up an external flash.

M Author Profile Page:

When I saw the announcement of the 5D, I was calculating in my head what it would cost to trade in my 20D for the 5D, and at what point it becomes better to just bite the bullet and purchase the 1Ds Mk 2.

With the development of the 5D, I think we can pretty safely assume at this point that EF-S lenses will be eventually phased out of Canon's product line (unless Canon takes the strategy of using crop sensors for their prosumer digital cameras, and saving full frame sensors for their professional cameras).

I did a quick calculation to figure out if my XT with Grip and batteries and 75-300IS USM would get me enough to make it worth trading up. At $3K I don't think so.

I think the EF-S will be around for a little while. It is still expensive to make large CMOS sensors.

I acutally consider the built in flash to be a hinderance. It is too close to the lens for my 24-70 and not powerful enough for tele shots. So for me, I can't even use it. My 24-70 is my do everything lens. With 8 or more megapixels you still get a very large image if you crop down for detail on MOST things (not all).


pqbon: The 75-300 is an EF lens (I'd keep it unless you're looking to upgrade to a different telephoto lens). Regarding the 5D, I'd be willing to make a guess that within 6 months of the camera's release, to find it discounted 20-30%. Of course, patience favors the budget-constrained -- over the next couple of years, we should see more and more full-frame dSLRs at a more affordable price.

Yeah, for me the math didn't quite work out either. Selling the 20D + 18-55 + 75-300 would have left me beyond reasonable upgrade cost. I'm sure I'll look at the costs of upgrading in a year or so, but for now, I'm boycotting EF-S lenses and saving my money for a 5D.

I know the 75-300 would work, it just happens to be a lens that I'm not that fond of. I would get rid of it now to raise extra cash, then get an EF 70-200 either F4 or F2.8 later. For now I would just live without the telephoto.

Yeah, I'm going to wait for the price to drop a bit. With a baby on the way I can't afford to drop 3k on a new body right now.

Tonya suprised me and ordered her S70 tonight.

It sounds like what you want just on the expensive side. For a little less Amazon still has the S60.

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