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Big Sur + GPS: Phase 3


Phase 3: Big Sur Photos + GPS + Google Maps -- COMPLETE

muhahahaha -- phase 3 was really, really easy. I have to hand it to Google. Their Google Maps API documentation is well-written enough that I had my photo map up and running in a matter of minutes. You can pretty much copy and paste the Javascript code you need. They even have AJAX code so that you can read in all the data from a custom XML file. The only hard part was figuring out the right image sizes and whatnot so that the point and click was easy and didn't bring my browser to a crawl.

So, if you care: Big Sur Hike Photos and Map (Google Maps)

I'm going to take a break now from the hacking, but I'm sure I'll move onto Phase 4 and Phase 5 soon enough. Phase 4 will probably just involve modifying the photomap page to have better photo browsing controls, i.e. have thumbnails of the photos to the right or bottom that you can scroll through and click to see on the map. Phase 5 will probably involve reading in images from a Flickr photoset and automatically adding the geocode tags. Also, one of the annoying bits about all these hacks is you need about 4 different sizes for the photos -- something that Flickr handles automatically.

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