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Tuk Tuk

I love the new Tuk Tuk Thai/Asian grocery store on University Ave in Berkeley. I walk past it during one of my commutes and it always tempts me with Pocky and $4.25 heaping plates of takeout Thai food. I have not yet attempted to make a Thai recipe using ingredients purchased there, but they do have a tuk tuk sitting inside the store, which must be relevant somehow.

I had already been there five or so times, but it wasn't until my latest trip that I became convinced of the quality and authenticity of their goods. Read the extended entry if you care to find out...


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oh shit, gra-ting dang!

that's no regular red bull, that shit will kill you. congrats, that is a serious thai grocery store. do they have fresh galangal?


as soon as I figure out what galangal is, I can tell you.


do they have fresh mangosteen?!!


... post about a thai grocery store and you get a shopping list :)

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