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I got my schwag on at tonight's Flickr Fiesta: food, beer, t-shirts, and magnet toys. I now know what Caterina Fake, Heather Champ, Jason Shellen, Stewart Butterfield, and Simon Willison look like in person, but I couldn't really decide what one talks to such people about while greedily grabbing anything not bolted down and stuffing it into my jacket. There was also the entrancing live-flickrstream display on the wall that seems capable of inducing seizures or hallucinations. I forced myself to look away.

I brought my camera but decided not to partake in the warfare. There was constant cross-fire of SLRs, as evidenced by the growing photostream of 'flickrfiesta'-tagged photos. I seem to have escaped capture in the currently posted photos, though I did spot ota. I'm sure that every it's only a matter of time.

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This one (which features your backside) is my most popular photo from the flickrfiesta. 45 views and counting!

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