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October travels

I'm about to fall off the blogging radar. I leave for Wednesday for Kenji's wedding, get back Sunday, leave the following Friday for Japan and get back ten or so days after that. I'm pretty sure my 100-year-old grandma doesn't have Internet access, so expect little until I get back.

I'll be meeting a bunch of people at Kenji's wedding that I only know through their blogs and vice versa. I'm skimming through Flickr to see if I can better matchup handles, names and faces. If you really want to screw with me and have me go up to novak and say, "How's it going Anne?" feel free to mess around with your photo captions. It may be to your advantage -- the person who best impersonates novak gets a Penny Arcade t-shirt and sketch.

Here's a photo of me dressed up as an even-toed ungulate. I promise to show up dromedary and not bactrian.

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Looking forward to finally meeting you.


likewise (but you better do the best novak impersonation if you want your stuffs)


ooooh.... have a great time, both at the wedding and in japan!

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