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Toys, toys, toys! (Nano edition)


Screw the new iPod with video -- thanks to d I have a svelte small tiny iPod nano. My Elph is jealous. My only problem is that I don't have a sock small enough to hold it. Thanks d!

update: d got some baby socks (0-3 months) for my nano. They fit perfectly. Scary small. My baby nano.

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I thought I had an idea of what they looked like, but I saw one on a girl in the Metro yesterday and was floored by it. So tiny!


what color? sleek black like the one in the photo?

color me jealous.


sleek black like a 2001 monolith (but smaller). I still haven't peeled off the plastic protector on it -- need to figure out how to protect this puppy.

It's small enough that the only way I know that I still have it on me is that I am wearing headphone cords.

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