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Republican sex

Making Light pointed me to this New Yorker article about the amusingly bad sex scenes in Scooter Libby's 1996 novel, The Apprentice. To prevent innocenty bystanders from being injured I won't put any quotes here, so you'll have to read the article yourself if you are one who is entertained by such things. You'll also be rewarded with best-of sex scene excerpts from Safire, Buckley, and O'Reilly if you read the article, though Lynne Cheney's lesbian masterpiece Sisters didn't make the cut.

I went onto Amazon to see if the review of The Apprentice had been co-opted yet, but all I could find was this insightful review from 2002:

Personally, I find the Japanese weird and constipated beyond all reason. But they have developed a helluva good cuisine (love that wasabi!), have fought some amazing fights and are pretty fabulous engineers. So, if you find them strange but fascinating, this book will enhance your understand of their tortured, demented souls.

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