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Great weekend so far

  • Trader Joe's sells Niman Ranch organic bacon. d and I finished off the whole pack. Actually, we finished off all but about five pieces. The remaining pieces must have been finished off by bacon gnomes chomp munch chomp
  • Got tix to the Live 105 Not So Silent Night concert on Dec 9 with The White Stripes headlining
  • USC clobbered Stanford 51-21
  • Two of my pants were rescued from buttonlessness
  • Bought an R/C car (still need to pickup a radio and battery)

The only bad news is that I bought the R/C car because it was on sale at San Antonio Hobby Shop's going-out-of-business sale. Their banner says that the owners are retiring after 40 years. I may have to make several trips there before they close, though the shelves are already starting to look pretty picked through. I should have gotten started on my kite camera project earlier as I don't know if there are any local shops that will be able to sell me all the parts I need anymore.

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What RC card did you get?

What RC car did you get?


I got a TT-01 with a Schnitzer BMW M3 shell. The only hop-up I got on it is metal ball bearings.

I've got an RC car in the garage that needs new suspension ARMs. The parts seem really hard to find (I keep poking around online but I can't find them).

I've been thinking about taking the radio and motor and such and buying a buggy or truck so I don't need a clean parking lot to use it. (My car sits 8mm off the ground so even small rocks cause it to get airborn!)


nice thing about the TT-01 is that there seems to be no shortage of parts that you can buy, both the original parts as well as upgrades, which are usually better versions of the things that break. However, the TT-01 is definitely a clean parking lot vehicle.

A buggy/truck would be fun to mount a camera on. If you got an R/C unit with some extra channels and servos you could probably even remote operate the camera.


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