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Brilliant Apple engineering

As my co-worker heads to the Apple store to get his iMac repaired, I think I have finally deduced Apple's Master Plan. Many of you are familiar with the bugginess of the first revision of any Apple product. These first revisions tend to be recalled or otherwise need repair. These first revisions are also most frequently bought by early adopters and Apple's most devoted. So here it is, Apple's secret Master Plan:

  1. Intentionally introduce flaws into first revision of product
  2. Customers bring in products for repair at the Apple Store, where they see shiny new Apple products
  3. PROFIT!

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Step 2 might also be: Media coverage about the flaws amounts to free advertising for other Apple products.

Not every Apple faithful has easy access to an Apple Store however.

I see your Macintosh Destruction Field is still active. You need to add Alex's and Bryan's to your tally.


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