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I'm excited to see some of the TiVo Beta photos out on the Web. It looks like TiVo is partnering with Yahoo to link in weather, traffic, and photos into your TiVo. There is also podcast, Live365 radio, and Fandango support.

I see a lot of exciting potential here. Why watch the weather channel for your forecast when your local weather could be streamed to your TiVo and accessible on demand? How about watching trailers for movies to help you decide which movie to buy tickets for? To be clear, I don't think the first generation of these TiVo apps will do this, but they are a start towards erasing the divide between Internet content and TV content, combining instant access with easy viewing.

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That's good stuff. Still, give me HD.


HD is due early 2006 and it better not be late because I got the TiVo reward points and I'm about to buy an HDTV :)

Over the summer we took care of Katherine's brother's HDTV while he was travelling. When we gave it back the only thing keeping me from buying one of my own instead of hooking up the old TV was that TiVo doesn't broadcast in HD yet.

I'm sure there will be lots of complexities surrounding integrating it with your cable provider's HDTV tuners, but I'm sure they'll work it out before they ship anything. Ideally they'd just strike a deal with the cable companies so that I could just get my TiVo service and box right from Comcast, but I'm not sure how advanced that deal is yet.


The HD TiVo will be launched with CableCard, so presumably it should integrate well with most cable companies that are offering HD content given how many HD TVs out there are being sold with CableCard slots. I'm pretty sure Comcast offers CableCards.

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