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Review: Qoop printing for Flickr

update 2: here is the updated review

update: I'm temporarily taking down my review for Qoop because a representative from Qoop was kind enough (within 24 hours of me writing my post!) to offer reprints on the books. My original review came with the caveat that the books were ordered awhile ago when the service was still new, so it seems fair to give the service another shot.

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KWC we are sorry you had an issue with the printing - could you send an email to with your order number and we will print again? I am not certain when you printed so I donít know if you are on new paper - and we have new press settings.

But if you are comparing to printing on an HP photo printer with photo paper stock - you can get some amazing photograph like results that we are not going to be able to duplicate in a book.

- Bill


Thanks for your quick response and the offer for the reprint. We'll give it another go.

FYI: The comparison I am making is to the color office printers I've used at the last three places I've worked, i.e. no photo stock, just plain white paper. The type of printer you print out your powerpoint presentation on.


KWC - thank you - hopefully you like the new ones...

- Bill

Felix Sargent:

Could you put your review back up? I've had issues with Qoop too and you're the top hit for "qoop review"

I was sent this:
compare that to this:

It's really quite bad... The paper they use isn't very good. They sent me a reprint which looked exactily the same. I give them A+ on customer service, but the books just aren't that great. Not only that, but the pictures are so small!


There's so much white space that they could be using if they offered better layouts.
It's a pity that Flickr doesn't offer competing printing services.


Felix, thanks for linking to your photos. My updated review is at:

I gave it a 'passing grade', which is to say that it went from looking like something I printed off at work and stapled together to something that I paid for -- though it lagged far behind anything you would get from something like iPhoto, etc... I feel that their product could be useful if you needed a printed catalog of your photos that you wanted to write all over or otherwise have a physical record of. I don't feel it's the right product if you're trying to come up with a beautiful gift for a friend.

I would also recommend staying away from QOOP's photo cards, unless you want printer ink all over your wallet. I'll be posting a review of that as soon as I get my minicards.

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