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taipei 101, (c) Jerome ChenAfter earthquakes of 3.8 and 3.2 in a region not prone to earthquakes, people are asking whether or not it's possible that the 700,000 ton Taipei 101 building could be exerting enough force to cause earthquakes 10km below the surface: Guardian article on Taipei 101 and earthquakes. No answers in the article, just speculation as well as some interesting facts about earthquakes caused by dams, mines, and waste.

(Photo (c) Jerome Chen)

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i just want to say that, in addition to being an architectural nightmare, the building is also somewhat of an eyesore in taipei's skyline. it's really strange to walk around taipei and see old ramshackle putongs with ceramic tiled roofs and wire mesh windows, and then a towering, modern mall just 5 minutes away from it. i suppose many places in the world attempting to modernize themselves have this problem as well (at least i saw it in san jose, costa rica, and beijing), but it's just a testament to how modern taiwan is trying to become while some parts of it lag behind.


Surveying the surrounding landscape it seems clear that nothing about Taipei 101 is a necessity. It's only goal was to be the world's tallest, and it is, but there are cheaper ways of getting yourself into the Guinness book of World Records for a year or two.


The world's tallest single finger, pointed toward Beijing?

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